Comments without haters

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Respectful online discussions for everyone

Removing haters from discussions lets news sites open up their comment sections, bloggers won't have to worry about abuse and gender equality will greatly be improved online. We want to make the Internet a thriving place for meaningful discussions.

Membrane is a crowdsourced service that blacklists haters across our entire network of sites. Banned haters will not be able to comment again, regardless if they create new accounts. Our automated and sofisticated service will keep them out of discussions.

Less moderation

Haters already identified elsewhere won’t have to be moderated again at your site.


We identify the haters before they have even left a comment. No one will have to read their foul words.


Makes sure your brand isn't associated with haters. Sorts out the haters around the clock.

Easy to get going

Our service is built with proven technology in a robust, reliable and scalable fashion. When a user is about to comment on your site a request is sent to our API. The json-response contains information whether the user is a known hater or not, allowing your site to take action.

Using membrane is easy. If your running on any of the large platforms, just install the corresponding plugin and you are ready to go. If your platform need something custom we have a perfectly documented API (hey we're developers too you know!).


$5 / month

A limited plan for small blogs and enthusiasts.

  • Up to 50 API calls per day.
  • Help whenever we can.
  • Free while we're in beta.


$29 / month

For smaller sites and apps.

  • Up to 500 API calls per day.
  • Extra swift support.
  • Free while we're in beta.


x / month

For news sites and apps with lots of comments.

  • Contact us for this big plans.
  • "We'll drop everything to help you" kind of support.
  • Free while we're in beta.

Common questions

Why is this better than traditional banning?

Banning users often relies on either usernames, ip numbers or cookies. That is either to wide or to easy to get around. Our tracking is beyond that, it's much more reliable. We weigh in cookies, ip, fingerprinting the browser, triangulation of mobile phones, browsing behaviour and other things to produce a probabilty of how sure we are that you are you. Since there are many sites using our service, trolls moving between sites are banned from the entire network in one go.

I don't want other sites to affect my users.

You can configure all that in our admin panel. Perhaps you would only like to weed out the worst haters that have been banned at multiple sites on several occasions. Or perhaps you don't want to use information from other sites and only like your own sites to be included in the calculations.

Why are you doing this?

Lets just say we have seen the problem with haters close up. It's a tricky problem to solve and we believe this could be a part of creating a more friendly web.

What will happen if I reach the monthly limit?

Our API will simply begin answering that you have reached your limit. Nothing bad happens, everything will work as if you weren't using our service.

What if your service has downtime?

Then the asynchronous calls to our API will fail and users won't notice anything. But we pride our selves in building reliable code on tested platforms, so far uptime is close to 100 %.

How can I help?

By using our service and bombarding us with feedback of all kinds. You are the expert on your site, how can we make it even better?

Is this something for me?

We hope not. It's only for you if you have a problem with haters. If you do however, we're here to help in any way we can.

Ok this seems good, what's the catch?

Haters attack in multiple channels at once. We can't protect you in all of them, yet. But at least we'll lessen the burden in some.